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Join world-renowned expert Dr. Don Theo Paredes and Suzan Lang on a voyage in the Land of Incas!

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The Hawaiian ways are sweet, gentle, and full of love. Spend time in the most beautiful place on earth.

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The Alliance for Art Healing and AdventureThe Alliance for Art, Healing, & Adventure (AAHA) is dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences that lead to heightened spiritual awareness. AAHA offers classes, clinics, treatments, and organizes spiritual retreats to locations around the globe.

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2204, 2017

How to Meditate by Krysti Battistelli

April 22nd, 2017|0 Comments

Every human being is different and requires different experiences to out-live their lives. Although we breathe the same air and absorb in the same energy, an open mind and thoughtful prayers encourage peace among us [...]

311, 2015

Seeking Connection & Renewal

November 3rd, 2015|0 Comments

I have always believed that if you keep asking the questions, the answers will come. I was looking for a place, a professional, a practice – something - that would help me in my quest [...]

1305, 2015

Why A Spiritual Retreat?

May 13th, 2015|Comments Off on Why A Spiritual Retreat?

Spiritual retreats are integral part of many religious and cultural traditions and between each, many differences can be found. In general though, they can be seen as an important way to connect with oneself and [...]

1305, 2015

New Hampshire Death Cafe

May 13th, 2015|0 Comments

Death is often considered a taboo subject in our culture. Something to be avoided and swept under the carpet. Not a topic of dinner table discussion, and generally never discussed until we are taking our [...]

Having spent wonderful times on Maui, and has been a gift for me to have met Suzan Lang, the hostess of the Maui Retreat. Amazing lady, amazing times. Thank You Suzan.
Eirini Smyrnaiou
Suzan is a remarkable person with great healing skills as well as many other talents. Following surgery two months ago I experienced a lot of pain and loss of interest in almost everything in my life. Suzan helped me tremendously with two Lomi Lomi treatments that made me feel alive again For the pain she “turned” into me remotely and as I laid still I could feel the pain dissipate from my body. I am so very thankful to her for all she does. She is a wise women who personifies LOVE in everything she does. Thank you Suzan.
I have known Suzan Lang for 2 years. We met as fellow students in a Tai Chi class. Immediately upon meeting her I knew she was the embodiment of great wisdom shown to me in the simplicity of her smile and her childlike laugh. Only when someone has truly moved beyond the ego or need of recognition can they then become vehicles of healing and compassion. Suzan is a person with a rich medical education/experience and knowledge and a deep spiritual thirst. She is and will continue to be the one person I turn to when I need physical, emotional or spiritual healing. This is a healer who must be experienced to know the debts to which one can journey when traditional medicine and talk just does not do it. My experiences with Suzan are beyond words in the sense of true expression. She has gifts given to few people in a lifetime and she carries them with grace and reverence.
Janet R. Clark